Something for the Weakened

Writing, writing, writing – Day Two

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 by Alastair

Not a great day. Discovered that the web Nazis at work are still claiming Google Doc’s is a download site and thereby blocking access to it. Will now have to save each draft three times, if I want to get work done away from home. Spent a pint’s time contemplating where things might be going, with some mildly pleasing results. May have to change some characters names though. Didn’t attempt any writing until gone ten, by which time the cold properly had me in it’s thrall. Forty-five minutes later I’ve still not managed to kick start my brain into anything resembling a useful creative entity, so am going to give it a rest today. Should have some skiving time at work, so will hopefully get some words down during the day. Might have to skip the Wednesday quiz to get on top of things, but we shall see how it all goes. Must go dribble mucus in a corner now. Bye.

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