Something for the Weakened


Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 by Alastair

Just been playing with the analytics for the site (I don’t do it every single day, honest, but I do occasionally get curious) and had a look at where you, the readers, are primarily based. Going by cities, the top two over the past month were London and Oxford, which came as no great surprise – my readers are obviously intelligent or cosmopolitan, obviously. But sitting in third place is simply the word ‘Hook’. A quick bit of digging around shows me that there’s a town called Hook half way between Farnborough and Basingstoke, but that hardly qualifies it as a city. The thing that baffled me further was the fact that there were no new viewers listed – 100% of the readers in ‘Hook’ have been viewing the site regularly since the analytics site was set up a couple of months ago.

This all begs one question. Are you from Hook? And if so, why?

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