Something for the Weakened


Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 by Alastair

Since the site refurb’ I’ve had the option to upload sounds to the site, rather than just linking to other audio repositories on the web. So this is my first attempt at that. Let’s see what it looks like shall we?


Ooohh! That’s slightly disappointing, isn’t it.

The reason for my uploading this particular piece of audio is that my own mouth and voice can be heard speaking on it. For those ignorant of the Punt, it’s a night during which over twenty bands play in five or six venues around the city. You’ll probably find mentions of it in the May sections of the last few years of archives.  My voice is the slightly nerdy sounding one that first appears briefly near the start, saying a few words in the middle of a conversation about what people are going to see and about half way through expressing an opinion about Samuel Zasada (which caused some surprise to a number of people who heard it – fuck you, I do have opinions!).

The puntcast was put together by my dear chum Markuss, whose Eclectronimentica podcast I have recommended many times in the past and will continue to do so until he stops using my artwork for it’s logo. The whole mass of audio was produced for Oxford Bands and if you can’t be bothered to listen to it here, you can download it from there. They’ve also just put up my review of the dozen or so bands I saw, which was the reviewing task I was whinging about a few posts back. I was going to put it up in full here, as the original idea was to edit it together to try and give one review of the whole night, but because of my tardiness it seems to have gone up on it’s own unedited, so double posting it seems pointless. Go on, have a look. They need the hits.

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