Something for the Weakened

Adam Antium

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 by Alastair

I’ve babbled about this to various people since I first heard about it, but only got round to researching it yesterday. A couple of months ago I was listening to Danny Baker interview Rolf Harris (yes, I am forever trapped in the mid 90s, but this honestly did happen in the past couple of months) and the two ended up discussing this song, which you must listen to now.

As you can hear, the resemblance to Adam Ant’s ‘Prine Charming’ is astounding. Rolf’s song was originally released in 1965, sixteen years before the Ants released their regency ditty. Rolf was apparently quite litigious and rightfully so. Anyway, thought I’d share, especially as next to no one bothered commenting when I stuck it up on Facebook.

More birthday posts as I think of them.

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