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Couple o’ Things

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 by adminchangedafterbruteforceattack

Thing One – In a vague attempt to stop my liver feeling like p√Ęte, I shall be swearing off alcoholic boozes for the duration of February. This might mean that things become slightly livelier around these parts, or that I slowly descend into misery and frustration watching all those around me getting sloshed. We shall see.

Thing Two – I appear to have inadvertantly made my first appearance on YouTube –

Did you spot me? Wide eyes viewers familiar with my coterie of chums might like to know that I’m directly to the right of regular correspondent Dick Gappy. The recording took place at the closing dpwn sale of the soon to be massively missed Videosyncratic, the cities last bastion of comic pamphlet sales. This will have some major effects on me, though as of yet I’m not one hundred percent what they will be. I’m sure I will blather on about it at length some point in the future. What’s that? Another video under this wall of text? From the same event? Why, yes it is. Me? Well, yeah, I do appear. Quite a bit in fact, but I seem to spend half of the song looking at my shoes, mainly because I was aware I was being filmed and didn’t want to look into the lens too much. It’d be terribly unprofessional, don’tcha know. Plus I’d rather that you tried to seek me out in the one above as this one gives my position away rather, hence this wall of text that’ll hopefully be long enough to throw people off the scent about there being another video further down the page. Reckon that’s enough? Aye, go on, let’s have a look at it.

Supplemental Thing – The Contact icon’s still not working, so please address any correspondence to theweakened at gmail dot com in a proper email address kind of a way and it’s bound to get to me. Things will hopefully get sorted when I work out how much of what I’ve told people about future site maintence is true and how much is so many crossed wires.

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