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Monday, November 16th, 2009 by

My fragile frame seems to have recovered now, so I seem to be back in rudish health. Which is good. I was tempted to go into ludicrously unpleasant detail as to the particulars of my explosive emissions, but good taste and my own potential nausea have on this one occasion prevailed. Instead, I thought I’d point you at a couple of things to listen to.

First up, regular readers might recall my mentioning a podcast that I had designed a logo for (irregular readers might want to have a look at it here) and wondering aloud if I’d be able to link to it. Well, the show’s host has given me the go ahead to link to the latest edition which can be downloaded by clicking on that blue bit back there. I think the link degrades after a week, so you only have five days left thanks to my tardiness. It’s definitely worth a listen as Markuss has a nice ear for a tune (two in fact) and generally plays an interesting selection of stuff over the hour’s duration. If you don’t want to do no downloading, you can stream earlier shows through Mixcloud. Like this one, which featured my theme choice.

I should probably mention the theme thing too. Each podcast features seven songs which are loosely linked together for an unnamed reason, be it something in the title, the music or possibly even in the band names. These are chosen by whoever manages to be the first to guess what the theme of the previous podcast was. As I have no desire to display Markuss’es mailing address here, if any of you want to have a go, please forward a guess or any other correspondence to the usual address around these parts. Yes, the Contact icon is still refusing to behave, so if you want to email things to theweakened at gmail dot com, then you might be in with a chance.

All being well, I should be appearing in a future webisode in early December.

My second tip comes from my constant source of fascination Cook’dandBomb’d. No, wait, come back. Fascinated by the forums though I am (while still being unable to join them out of some churning existential dread), this doesn’t involve you having to visit them. I should also point out to some detractors that all of the writings on the forums are not the outpourings of my own schizoid subconcious. But I digress. What I am directing you to are Chris Morris’ Radio One Shows. I only spotted that they’d put them up for individual downloading/streaming a couple of weeks ago and I can’t recommend you’re giving them a listen highly enough. Seriously. If twenty-five hour’s worth of funnier radio exists, I have yet to happen upon it (sacrilegious though it might seem, I’m including Clue there). It probably helps that I’m vaguely nostalgic for a lot of the music played there too, but most of that’s pretty cracking. Honestly, you owe it yourself to go and listen to these now. If you’re unsure, I’d highly recommend starting with show 22 or 23, to hear him at the top of his game, then just go back to the start and listen to the lot. There’s such a lot of great stuff in there.

MARVEL at him not actually faking the death of Michael Heseltine like every news outlet still reports!

WISH that there wouldn’t be a press furore today were someone to doctor a Bruno Brookes tape until he says “Cunt,” and then broadcast it on Boxing Day afternoon!

LAUGH at the sound of a pencil being pushed into dead Johnny Walker’s larynx.

That’s me spent for the night. Service will return when you ring for it, you filthy peeg dogs.

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