Something for the Weakened


Monday, November 9th, 2009 by

It would appear that my novel writing attempt for the month is well and truly scuppered. At time of writing, I’m well over seven thousand words behind where I should be and foresee no way of catching up. My hopes of getting something done on Sunday were dashed by some kind of lurgy that led to my chundering my guts up, which wasn’t really conducive to working and wrote the rest of the day off too. This combined with my not really seeing where any of it was really going and not particularly enjoying writing any of the characters (save for two perhaps, though even that bit felt a little too much like Peep Show fan fiction for me to be really happy with it) leaves me pretty content to let the thing die. Some bits may be salvageable, though I’m not entirely sure what for. I might instead use the month to try and knock last years into a more satisfyingly servicable state, though I’m not promising owt. As such, anyone who has requested a copy recently, please wait until early November and I’ll try to make the ending less horrifying.

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