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Two out of Thirty

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 by

Bit of a crap day all in all. Started a third scene, that at least feels like part of a novel in that it contains some narrative drive behind it, but still have no real clue as to where it’s going or how this thread might relate to the others. Had no time to write at work, only managed about four hundred words before having to nip out to a gallery opening and failed to produce anything productive after returning home. Just shy of two thousand five hundred at the point of giving up for the night, about seven hundred words behind where I should be. The fact that I know no one else participating is starting to hit home, making me feel isolated and more than a little glum about the prospect of increasing my normal levels of helpless loneliness for another four weeks. If nothing starts coalescing in my mind by the end of this weekend, then I may just abandon the project. The fact that I had half an idea in my head last year seems to have made far more of a difference than I’d initially imagined it might. Oh well, cancelled my plans for tomorrow night, deleted all games from my computer (I shall miss you Spider Solitaire, sob) and hope to have a vaguely productive Tuesday. We’ll see, eh?

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