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Sunday, October 18th, 2009 by

Few things to whizz through, so let’s do it sharpishly. The Contact link is still broken, though I do have some assurances that it will be fixed in the not too distant future. I’d like it done properly, so I’m not going to hire cowboys to claim they’re fixing it while they’re actually eating me out of biscuits and scratching. Will let you know when its up and running, but until then, any attempts at correspondence can be sent to theweakened at gmail dot com.

My offer of three copies of my attempt at last year’s NaNoWriMo were met with exactly three responses. My hope of getting someone to grovel for a fourth were sadly dashed by your collective indifference. I would offer another three, though can only imagine that I’ve doled out copies to the only people remotely interested in them and would feel massively crushed when no one asked. Thusly, if anyone wants a look, drop me a line and I’m unlikely to refuse and will probably feel massively flattered until I learn you’ve stolen all my ideas, worked out where I’ve stolen them from and forced legal actions on me by the actually creative people’s estates, showing me up as the horrible, plagiarising shill I really am. Write in if you want. And plase sign up for this year’s, befriend me (I’m the only theweakened registered) and force my creative juice out. Thangyew.

Penultimately, if anyone can explain to me why the purple man is wearing a cape, why he is allowed near children and why I feel a massive sense of foreboding in the last shot of this clip, I’d really appreciate your input.

This is yet another instance of my stealing from the ever wonderful Robert Popper (apparently he was in Peep Show last week, fact fans). In recompense (of sorts) here’s a little bit of him in his Robin Cooper guise. Adieu.

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