Something for the Weakened

New Scum, Same As The Old Scum

Friday, August 20th, 2004 by

Hello all. Twenty-seven and a day (my parents are uncertain of the time of my birth, so I can’t give you hours) and all’s remarkably well. My wrists are intact, it’s almost the weekend and Comic Showcase beckons me with it’s exciting four coloured fingers. I would almost go as far to say I’m jolly, if I was living in the nineteen thirties. I’ve come to two conclusions since my last post. I use the word ‘still’ far too often in these posts, so am going to try and cut down on it or start making moonshine so I can use it in a different way. The other is that my obsession with the phrase “ATTENTION SCUM!” is beginning to get out of hand. I pointlessly designed a poster about tonight’s frivolities, using it as the heading. Some people got it; the rest don’t seem to be talking to me. Ho hum. It’s all swings, roundabouts and various other cliches. It does give me the excuse to put this link in. It’s utterly pointless, but I like it. Listen to Aphex Twin’s 26 Mixes For Cash. I am, but don’t fall into the trap of putting the Bowie/Glass Heroes thing on repeat. I think I’m onto my fourteenth listen today. Damn, it’s good.

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