Something for the Weakened

Slug It Up

Saturday, December 20th, 2008 by

Just looked down at my pile of unwashed clothes, only to notice a silvery trail over the jumper I wore on Thursday. For a second I wondered if the nocturnal emissions had started up again, but it appears that I have somehow garnered a slug in my room somewhere. As far as I can tell, the room’s sealed from the outside world, with the possible exception of the area behind the fusebox in the corner – I’ve never been bothered to check thoroughly, but there doesn’t appear to be a draft so there can’t be much of a gap, if any. There’s no obvious trail from the door, though the carpet’s a relatively thick shag, so might have done some absorbing of any sluggy deposits. Which leads me to presume that the homeless snail is lurking in the room somewhere, biding it’s bastard time, waiting to attack me while I slumber. What evils can a slug wreack? I shall let you know. Until then, I must live in fear, keeping my peripheral vision primed for a quisling’s eye on a stalk poking out at me.

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