Something for the Weakened


Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 by

Been losing a fair amount of sleep over the past couple of nights. I’ve been woken up by particularly annoying dreams. Not nightmares, no, I’m still yet to experience one of those (implying either that I’m remarkably at ease with the world and incapable of fear, or some unmamifested sociopathic tendencies – I know where my money is). No, these have just been really annoying and seem to have forced me to wake myself up to stop my irritation with the other characters my subconscious is creating. Two nights running I’ve found myself being berated by some minor authority figure, with ideas above their station (yesterday it was some sort of postman, I forget what this morning’s was doing), bleating on until I can take it no more and force myself out of my slumber before six in the morning. It’s really quite annoying and has left me tired and grumpy to the extent at which I’ve started berating people aroun . . . Ahh. That’s probably not good is it? No sleep for me then.

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