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Wednesday, May 19th 1999, 10:25

Sunday, August 10th, 2008 by

What follows is another archival project in lieu of my having the energy to form any cogent arguments at the moment. This may prove to be a horrible mistake, in that this time around it does take the form of a journal I kept over the course of a fortnight’s holiday. Like the previous archive projects, I’m only reading this as I type it up, so don’t really know what I wrote next and will not be editing for anything except grammar (and possibly extreme embarrassment in this case, though probably not). In the case of this one, I can assure you that it will be quite dull, unless I’ve forgotten some interesting details of the holiday. Annotations are unlikely to follow, unless I have a massive change of heart. I have taken the liberty of missing out the original title on the grounds of it being far too dull (‘Two Weeks Away’ – really, couldn’t I come up with anything better?) so subsequent entries will simply be titled as the dates on which they were written. Lets have a delve into the muck then.

I very nearly wrote this last night, but ended up reading Joe Sacco’s Palestine II graphic novel. Please accept my abject apologies, dear reader, though, in my defence, it was very good indeed. Anyway, yesterday – my first day completely on my own. Following writing yesterday’s entry I succumbed to my omnipresent desire for masturbation – after a break of 5 days, something of a recent record for me. The backed up semen exploded in a plume of milk white fire with a veracity I’ve not managed for some time. I don’t want you to stop altogether, lots of it is good fun to read, but please stop saying ‘dear reader’! Also, how on earth do you ‘perspire pusillanimously’? That makes no sense to me. Anyway, I’m keen to know what happens next! But I digress . . . Following a pleasant wank, I investigated the television more closely, discovering a couple more English channels – MTV + the Cartoon Network! Following a quick wash, I made for the bus stop, catching the last 189 before 14:00 cut off point. My initial plan was to go and embroil myself in the culture of the casyle throughout the afternoon. I almost managed this, were it not for my passing a museum I had been meaning to visit which was having an exhibition of avant garde Czech photography, 1914 – 1948. I decided to go in and spent a fascinating hour or so immersing myself in the strange geometric designs and the occasional lady plunging a dildo into herself. Well actually there was only one of those in a very odd photo collage, but the exhibition as a whole was excellent. Also, a thought, or rather a series of thoughts . . . I reckon your blog was more gripping when you were content to stick down a few lines every other day on what you were up to. Partially of course, it was gripping because it was regular, but still, now that you concentrate on the longer pieces, the ‘cogent arguments’ (which in any case you say you don’t have the energy to produce regularly), it seems to have lost a little of its swagger. Write more about the mundane things that you do (and smell – one of my personal fave entries was Smell Box Jury, not sure why) and try a bit less hard to write – for me your best writing is that which concentrates on the apposite phrase not the cogent argument. Also, interesting although all this serialisation is, it is striking how much of a better writer you now are, so in a way they are a frustrating distraction. That done, I was peckish, having skipped breakfast. I decided to make for Bohemian Bagel, a nice deli of sorts that Ian had pointed out to me, just opposite the fenicula railway. Following a walk through a pleasant little walk past a wall covered in John Lennon realted graffitti and the through a lovely little park, [not sure what happened there] I eventually arrived and took a seat. About five minutes later I spotted the self service sign. Oh, poor blind fool that I am. I got a coffee while some chap filled a bagelwith some nice turkey, salad and some kind of cream cheese (I had actually requested a sandwich, but got a bagel anyway). It sated my hunger and only cost 150kc (

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