Something for the Weakened

Waking Up

Saturday, May 10th, 2008 by


A unkempt bedroom of the present day. Comics and CDs strew the floor. The walls are lined with videos and books. In the bed a naked man, approx. 30, awakens and sleepily wanders over to an archaic computer in the room’s corner. He switches it on, works his way wearily through a cavalcade of error messages, until arriving at a secure webpage. He begins to type.

Hello all. Apologies for the silent week or so. Please see previous excuse based posts and pick whichever one you think seems appropriate. I did start writing something about Free Comic Book Day last weekend, but became disheartened by it’s miserable tone and abandoned it. Which was possibly foolish as it also contained the information that the Contact link above is officially dead at the moment and has been for almost a fortnight now. In the unlikely event that nayone has tried to send me any feedback over the startling ‘conclusion’ of The Crow Gets Comfy, please resend it to ‘the weakened at gmail dot com’ (all one word) or if you have anything else to bug me about. I’m still planning on digging into the archive and typing up some more of my hopeless attempts at prose in the not too distant future. But first, a nap.

He clicks send, shuts down the computer and climbs back into bed. After half an hour or so we hear snoring.


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