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Who annotates the annotators?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 by

Afternoon all. Regular correspondent Fforbes Munchell wote in with this note regarding the first chapter of The Crow Gets Comfy;-

Couple of pedantry points for you annotations. ch.1 para 6. bit of a Blur lift in there too (‘except on Wednesdays’). Although had Parklife come out by 1994? (Quick check reveals yes! Only just – in April) Perhaps an addition to your annotations. And, re. note on para 8, ‘toe jammed football’ is Come Together not Walrus isn’t it?

The Beatles point is most definitely correct. Clearly an error on the part of my own dubious memory. The ‘except on Wednesdays’ part I’m less certain of. I certainly listened to it shortly after it had come out, though wonder if it would have got into my consciousness enough for me to lift from it. Maybe it was subconscious. Don’t know, but a good spoy none the less.

Should you find any peculiarities or steals I hadn’t noticed, do let me know. I’m also setting a deadline of tomorrow lunchtime (a double illusion?) for any requests, for or against, a continuation into the unfinished second book. Any response at all will influence my time. The Contact thing above still works. Use it.

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