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Mahalo *

Saturday, September 15th, 2007 by

And I’m back from the wilderness. The past month or so has all been a bit mental what with moving house, going on me hol’s and various other stimulant fuelled moments of confusion. Now that that’s all out of the way for at least another year, I can attempt to sink back into the depths of my broken mind and bring missives to the few dozen of you still bothering to read my rantings. At least in theory – I’m sure if one were to read through all of the archive, my stating “Naah, I’m gonna be postin’ far more reggerly from now on,” would undoubtedly come up more regularly than anything else. As such, I shall state no such thing, though will try and write stuff down more regularly. In fact, I think I feel another one coming on . . .

* I first happened upon the word ‘Mahalo’ as a greeting in Pete(r) Milligan’s Shade The Changing Man (no, he didn’t create it, but I’ve never read Ditko’s run, nor do I have any real desire to do so) and was amused to hear some mention of it as a new online search service. So, to clarify, I am using it as a greeting rather than selling out to The Man. The Man is still yet to offer enough. Are you listening Man? Are you?

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