Something for the Weakened

Funk Cooking

Friday, June 22nd, 2007 by

This is something I discovered almost by accident. Anyone else wisjing to take part in this splendid past time needs only four things; food, a kitchen, an impressive funk selection and a large quantity of alcohol. Simply drink the alcohol (ideally on an empty stomach) until you find you have become hungry and impressively drunk. Play the funkiest track in your possession loud enough to be heard in the kitchen. Begin preparing your meal. As you do this, the funk will begin to penetrate your tiny mind. No matter how unwilling you are to dance under normal circumstances, you will inevitably find yourself grooving away as you begin to cook. Don’t worry if you end up with an audience – no matter what your dancing ability is, they will soon become enraptured, nay impressed by your combination of the two disciplines. I would also highly recommend a sharp knife when slicing up veg. The wobbling of the knife in your bleary hand will only make them love you more.

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