Something for the Weakened


Sunday, December 24th, 2006 by

Mere hours away from the big day now, I stand over my keyboard (I would sit, but I can’t be bothered to unfold my chair), wrapped presents behind me, cards unbought sitting on shop shelves and something resembling good cheer in cold dark heart. To give the less festive among you a chance to bring yourselves closer to the feelings of the season, I point you in this direction. Only listenable until next Friday, The National Theatre of Brent’s Messiah comes with my very own red nosed seal of approval. It should have been used to the cold, living in the arctic, but that’s my seal for you. It’s always poorly in December. If the link doesn’t work, try the Radio 4 Listen Again site, and click on the Friday Play. Before nine o’clock on Friday. A happy Festivus to you all!

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