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Awaiting Lost Girls

Thursday, August 24th, 2006 by

The book finally ships from publisher Top Shelf’s warehouse this week – it has been available directly from them at conventions and such like so I’ve heard, but this will be the first time it will emerge on the shelves of actual shops. Apparently the first printing is now already sold out from the initial orders from book and comic shops (and possibly stores of a more ‘adult’ nature, but that’s merely conjecture on my behalf). Despite their having made some fairly impressive in roads selling ‘graphic novels’ (uurgh), particularly those by Moore and partially with those published by Top Shelf, Borders in America will not be selling the book. Whether this policy will carry on in the UK as well I’ve not heard. Canada, whose censorship laws regarding material of a more ‘adult’ nature are as far as I know as draconian as Britain’s were in the eighties, will apparently be receiving copies – assuming they get over the border. No more news has been forthcoming on the positions of Great Ormond Street or British customs’ leniancy allowing it into the country. I have a copy on order thanks to some excellent chums of mine, which feels a little odd. No one’s ever bought pornography for me as a gift before. I shall probably make more of this if my copy manages to make it all the way over here. More news as and when I hear it.

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