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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 by

Hello all. It’s all been a bit hyper over the past few days, so my apologies for the lack of writingage. This is the first evening I haven’t found myself in a public house for five days and fun though those days have been, I’m enjoying the rest and the not having to undercook chicken kievs at one in the morning (only happened the once, but I’m still paying for it in some ways). Anyway, first I’d like to thank all of you that came out for my birthday shenanigans or in anyway contacted me on the day. A thoroughly good time was had by me and (I hope) all present, in spite of the torrential rain. Big thank yous also to everyone who came to the Swiss Concrete gig on Sunday (hopefully the link’ll work this time). It all ran remarkably smoothly and around fifty people paid to come and see what we’d put together. I say we, my own involvement was minimal at best (non-existant at worst), but much appreciation goes out anyway. I was going to go into further details, but the last thing I want this to turn into is yet another tedious online diary so I shall cut things short here and rest my liver until my next jaunt. Which will probably be tomorrow, God help me.

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