Something for the Weakened

Some Self Indulgence (just for a change . . .)

Sunday, August 13th, 2006 by

Normally around this time of year I’m sinking into some kind of age related depression. The upcoming anniversary of my birth usually fills me with dread, as you can probably read about in excruciating detail if you check any August entries from previous years (I’m not going to, but I seem to remember them being there). Oddly, this year I’m feeling peculiarly optimistic. I’m not entirely sure what’s brought on this sudden comfort in my own skin, but someone has fluffed up the metaphorical cushions of my mind and left me in a state of bewildering contentment. It’s almost Zen like, you know. Inevitably I’m going to crash and burn out of it, but let’s try and bathe in its glory for as long as we can, shall we?

And breathe out.

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