Something for the Weakened

Year in Review

Saturday, December 31st, 2005 by

Well, as 2005 draws itself to it’s inevitable conclusion and the people of the world behave in the same excited way that one does when a mileometer rolls over to the next thousand, it’s time for reflection. A chance to look back over the past twelve months, to notice the subtle changes, the major differences, the combined experiences that we’ve all shared as a group as well as the little personal epiphanies we might have experienced. Yes, as a whole ‘nother year is mopped into the jizz rag of history, it’s time to review the past year. So here we go!

2005 – it was alright. Bit cold.

Join me in 2006 for more earth shattering revelations into the human condition and the collective world psyche! If you want. I don’t need your love. Wait! Come back…

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