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Hum, bugger

Saturday, December 11th, 2004 by

Went to the first of God knows how many Christmas parties last night. These always leave me with mixed emotions. Given the fairly solitary nature of my job and position as intermediary between two buildings, it’s one of the few opportunities during the year I get to catch up with some of my myriad chums. No one from the building I work in was in attendance. This left me having fun chatting with said chums, but also left me sitting quietly in corners as they spoke to colleagues I may have seen once before (probably last Christmas). I’m just crap at meeting new people. The environment didn’t help particularly; having the ambiance of a really poor school disco, or as someone pointed out, a really unpopular persons wedding. The eighties musical mega mix was so painful, that I ended up going out to smoke (didn’t I mention it was in a no smoking building?!) far too often. And you couldn’t even take your drink out with you! At least some of the booze was free. The rest of these work related dos should at least be more personal and mainly involve people I actually know, but it’s hard for me to rationalize why I go to these things. Free booze? Friends? The faint possibility of sex with someone I don’t have to see for a year? Probably all of the above. Will I go again? Unless I sort my life out . . .

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