Something for the Weakened


Thursday, December 2nd, 2004 by

Well, as you can see I’ve been pretty crap with the daily regime again. Actually down to a combination of reasons this time, mainly revolving around booze and Christmas. Why do people have to buy presents from me? It seems very unfair. Did have a possible brush with celebrity earlier today though. Almost sure that I saw the bloke who played hapless holidaymaker Keith Baron’s neighbour in unpopular eighties sitcom Duty Free. He’d lost the moustache, gone grey and looked considerably older (possibly like some one else some might say), but I recognised his slimy mush even as he tried to ignore mine. Hint of the day – never try to entice someone into your abode with offers of squash. It appears not to work. Right, someone’s demanding the use of the heap of shite I’m typing this on, so I’ll try and give you some more useful lifestyle hints the morrow. Pip pip.

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