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For Thine Consideration XV

Saturday, September 21st, 2013 by Alastair

Yeah, I know I’ve not been posting here for a fair old while. But there are another fourteen posts of this nature in the database. Use the search thing if you don’t believe me. See? Told you. The first one should give you some idea of what’s occurring. Now, onto the meat.

I was listening to Pablo Honey for the first time in ages a wee while back. Inevitably this led to me listening to Creep. While it was playing, it became apparent that something was missing. Where was Tarzan? Surely Tarzan’s going to turn up soon. Unsurprisingly Tarzan didn’t turn up. Neither he, nor Johnny Weissmuller appear on the track itself. But they do here. Give this a listen, then return for my words of wisdom.

Creep – Iannucci Radio Edit

I’ve had to do a tiny fade in at the start there as there was no clean break between that and the track before it. Apologies, but it sort of works, doesn’t it? Anyway, this recording comes from an episode of Armando Iannucci’s Radio 1 show, first broadcast on March 21st 1994. I do find myself listening to Iannucci’s shows on a pretty regular basis, far more so than the early works of Radiohead. The Iannucci shows are still amusing to me, in spite of how familiar I’ve become with them after years of repeated listening. Comfort for the ears on a hungover morning I find. They’re actually all still available from the fist of fun dot net site I foolishly described as defunct a few posts ago. There’s some decent music to be heard amongst the sketches (and some rubbish music too – the presence of Doop by Doop should never be forgiven) and this particular example features several of the regularly used overdubs that were regularly scattered throughout the shows.

Tarzan features, as previously mentioned, though only the once. My memory had had him coming in for every chorus, so I was slightly saddened not to hear him in the first one while in the process of ripping this from the full show. Mercifully he does put in an appearance, as does the sneezing baby (Iannucci’s own? He was a father at this point). There are also some facts chucked in from the staff of ITV’s The Chart Show, though disappointingly not as many as there are during some records.

The main addition that particularly amuses me are the censorious time checks and “Which is best?” request (the name of a feature running in that episode – I’m saying no more, go and listen to it if you’re curious). My research would suggest that Creep had its greatest chart success in late 1993, so presumably the radio edit with ‘very’ substituting the ‘fucking’s would have been readily available to broadcasters all over the globe. It can’t have been hard to lay hands on a copy in the studios of One FM at the break of spring in 1994. Yet, the uncensored version is the one used and a fine gag it makes – particularly the second one where Armando’s plummy tones barely disguise it at all.

As to what went on in Radio Berkshire, I’d urge you to go and listen to the whole show now to find out.

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