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Writing, writing, writing – Day Four

Friday, November 5th, 2010 by Alastair

Not as successful today as I’d hoped, but a reasonable amount produced. Failed to produce anything during work hours – do my superiors read this nonsense and specifically set tasks for me? Wouldn’t put it past them, the hideous cunts. Tried to start early in the evening, but was easily distracted. Why have broadcasters suddenly started putting on television programmes I might want to watch. Damn you, Autumn schedules. Thank Christ I don’t have digital or a computer capable of showing me iPlayer. Spent much of the evening dabbing blood from my lip, after I managed to cut it on the softest baguette you could imagine. Made some pleasing discoveries about the story – now definitely know how the shop works and what it sells. Also pleased to be using a character named Marigold Zapatista. Am now just over four thousand words – about two and a half thousand short of where I ought to be, which isn’t all that bad. Should make it up over the weekend (and I’m doing nothing if I’m not spending my time just ‘making it up’). Tomorrow night is Friday night though, so how strong will my resolve to create and not get hammered be? Tune in later to find out all the dullard’s details!

2 Responses to “Writing, writing, writing – Day Four”

  1. deejayem says:

    Marigold Zapatista

    The washing-up glove of justice!

  2. deejayem says:

    It is an excellent name. Almost as good as Pamela Rambo.

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