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Baying at the Loon

April 14th, 2013 by Alastair

Today I spent over six hours uploading images and creating listings for a large number of eBay auctions I’d planned to set running. I’d taken photo’s of the items I intend to flog back in December and sorted through what I wanted to try and sell almost a year ago, but through a series of procrastinations and multiple instances of shit headery, it was only today that I finally began to actually put things on their site. This unexpected moment of activity was brought on by two factors – firstly, the fact that all listings were free over this weekend and I had no desire to pay the extortionate ten pence fee one would normally pay to list something on their site and secondly, my slow descent towards destitution (which in some way motivated the first factor).

So the hours ticked by, I continued to upload items and then save them, thinking that it would be nice for all the auctions to finish around the same time. Don’t really know why I thought this, perhaps that it would seem tidier. Not sure. Don’t question my motivations – it’s a highway to nothing, I can promise you that. Finally, I reached the climax of my endeavours. Everything was on the site, all that needed to happen was to start setting the auctions live. This I did, working back through the things I’d most recently uploaded. Then I tried to put up my eleventh item. It was not to be.

As per usual, I had failed to read the small print and was unaware that being a first time seller I was only allowed to list ten titles. And can only list ten titles. For a month. The ten titles that I’ve already set live. Can’t even swap them with one of the dozens of other items I have waiting to find new homes. Which is a bit of a shitter. It’s particularly peeve inducing because there were some right dregs amongst those last ten items I uploaded that I’d dearly love to shift, but have my doubts that anyone else in humanity would want them on a shelf either. Perhaps I’m wrong. Hopefully I am. But I’m not.

In the unlikely event you want to give me money for possessions too pointless for even my own shelves, have a browse over yonder.