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Cough Up Your Brain Tax

May 19th, 2012 by Alastair

A month or two back, I again attempted to do some co-hosting at The Blenheim pub quiz. As per usual, it was a cheery shambles – my muttering and peculiar mic technique, combined with my associates thick Irish accent made most of the questions we were reading out barely intelligible. Never the less, we eventually managed to get most of them across to the assembled throng and something resembling fun was had. But that’s not what we’re here for today. As per usual, I was responsible for the sound rounds and now present them here to see if anyone else is prepared to listen to them and hazard a guess as to what’s going on. Here’s the first round -


In this round, I spent more hours than I’m prepared to admit to* editing out snippets of interviews that Chris Morris conducted for his Radio 1 shows back in the early ’90s. What you have to do is guess who is the subject of theĀ  interviewing. They aren’t all that tricky (I don’t think), though I suppose a knowledge of media figures active in 1994 would probably help. Quick clue – they’re all individual people except for the first clip, where it’s a pop duo being scrutinised. Meanwhile, round two lurks here -


The sanctioned fun to be had in this round is guessing the name of the song that’s being covered using some kind of 8-bit technology. I like to imagine that they were all put together on Gameboys, but that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. I deliberately made it so that it starts with some horrible noise (mainly to annoy the bar staff), but stick with it. They’re all pretty easy to get.

So that’s that. Please stick your answers in the comments bit at the bottom of this post and I’ll try and give out the answers at some point in the next week or so. While your at it, do have a go at the last couple of rounds I created – I’ve still only had one response to that and I’m buggered if I’m going to give out any results until I’ve created the vaguest semblance of a competition.

More posting soon, as I attempt to breathe some sort of life back into this wretched backwater. I hear your whoops. Really I do.

* About six!