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Below The Radar

March 30th, 2011 by Alastair

Over the past couple of days every time I’ve seen my chum Ray the song Radar Love has suddenly popped into my mind. This wouldn’t be that unsurprising, knowing the associating tendencies my brain has. The peculiar thing here is that in spite of my being aware of the existence of the song Radar Love, I have absolutely no idea how the tune goes. So unfamiliar with it am I that I honestly couldn’t tell you whether the phrase “Radar love” ever appears in its lyrics.

Consequently, every time I see Ray, my brain thinks “Ooh, Radar Love,” then goes into a spiral, trying to make up its own tune to fit only those two words for a couple of seconds, before giving up altogether and moving on with its life.

I almost certainly have heard the song before (a quick search reveals it to be the work of Golden Earring, a band I have been aware of for some years, but have never consciously tried to listen to) and feel relatively sure that I’d recognise it if I heard it. But I thought I ought to mention all this before I commit my ears to such an endeavour. Firstly because I’d like some record of how these processes work up in my skull and secondly because I know it’s going to be shit and I’m going to feel really disappointed if I start associating Ray with it.

Sorry Ray.